My Time at Portia Gets Crafty in New Trailer

Team17 has released a new trailer for Pathea Games’ sandbox simulation RPG, My Time at Portia. The trailer focuses on the game’s primary gameplay element of crafting, which uses the workshop and materials found and mined around the island of Portia. As shown in the trailer, crafting can include everything from simple tools used in further exploration and mining to complicated structures built from steel girders, decorative fountains, large machinery, and even a giant-sized Ferris wheel. Growing crops, raising animals, as well as befriending and accepting quests from townsfolk are also possible.

My Time at Portia is currently in Early Access for PC via Steam, and will be headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch once a full release occurs. For more information, check out our two hands-on impressions of the game from this year’s E3.



Pascal Tekaia

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