My Time at Portia Goes Mobile in August

Publisher Pixmain and developer Pathea Games have announced the release date for the mobile version of life-sim RPG My Time at Portia. The game will launch for iOS and Android devices on August 4, 2021, with Apple App Store pre-orders being available for $5.99, a 25% discount of the game’s launch price. The mobile version will include full touchscreen control support, a UI redesign, and new manual and automatic save functions, as well as other quality-of-life improvements like automatic wayfinding and improved assembling and resource-finding speed.

Set in a world that is rebuilding after a past apocalypse, My Time at Portia sees players arrive in the eponymous town to take over their father’s workshop. Players are tasked with crafting various items for the townsfolk, gathering resources, raising animals, befriending the townsfolk, and investigating mysteries. The game originally launched for PC in 2019, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions following later that year. Those looking to learn more about the game can check out RPGamer’s review of its PC version. A follow-up, My Time at Sandrock, is currently in development.



Pascal Tekaia

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