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Live A Live Review

Square Enix’s Live A Live melds various gameplay and storytelling elements across a variety of scenarios. With its new remake giving it the chance to acquaint itself with modern audiences, the game proves to have stood the test of time.

Live A Live Remake Demo Available

A demo finally lets western RPGamers try out Live A Live. Players can access the start of three of its story arcs, with save data transferable to the full game, which launches next month.

Live A Live HD-2D Remake Releasing in July

28 years after its Japanese release, Live A Live is finally heading west. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch in the form of a HD-2D remake.


RPGCast – Episode 514: “Holy **** a 12-slot bag!!!”

What’s old is new again as we deep dive into WoW Classic and how the heck did we even get onto this topic again? News from TGS, what games you’re playing in September, and even more releases coming in the second half of the month, please pity our reviewers.