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Alchemic Cutie Launch Date Revealed

Gaming on Xbox is about to get sweeter this summer. Get inside and beat the heat with Alchemic Cutie, a jelly-based action RPG releasing on Xbox One and Xbox Series X in July.

Shadows of Adam Coming to Switch in Early May

The Nintendo Switch of Shadows of Adam, a modern take on SNES-era JRPGs, was announced last year. Circle Entertainment and Something Classic Games have confirmed that its release on the console is now just two weeks away.

Slime Tactics Releasing Worldwide Today

Slime Tactics is not just out in Japan today, it is also out in North America and Europe. Though naturally weak, RPGamers can lead the slimes to victory by using them to possess much more powerful warriors.

Mercenaries Wings Out Now on Switch

The latest title in the Mercenaries tactical RPG series is out now in North America and Europe. Mercenaries Wings is available to download for Switch via the eShop.

Mercenaries Wings Releasing Next Week

It was already known that Mercenaries Wings would release in November, but an exact date was not. Circle Entertainment has now confirmed that the tactical RPG will arrive on Switch very soon.

Mercenaries Wings Releasing in November

RideonJapan and Circle Entertainment’s follow-up to the Mercenaries Saga trilogy is coming west very soon. Though an exact date is not confirmed, Mercenaries Wings will be arriving next month.

Flyhigh Works Announces Slime Tactics

Flyhigh Works has announced a follow-up to tactical RPG Ambition of the Slimes. Slime Tactics will see the titular creatures team up to take on even larger foes.