Mercenaries Wings Releasing in November

Circle Entertainment has announced that RideonJapan’s tactical RPG Mercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix will be released for Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe in November. The game will be available digitally via the eShop, with an exact date to be confirmed soon.

Mercenaries Wings is a follow-up to Rideon’s Mercenaries Saga trilogy, which received a collection on Nintendo Switch earlier this year titled Mercenaries Saga Chronicles. The game features a different story and worldview to the trilogy, but retains many of the gameplay elements.



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4 Responses

  1. Slayer Slayer says:

    It looks like a GBA game.

    • Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

      I am a bit of a Sprite Otaku and think that the look of the GBA Fire Emblem/FFTA/TO:KoL and others are still serviceable today. Some of the more recent “HD” entries in the SRPG genre miss that specific charm, so I am totally on bord for the look….I would have liked if it would have come out on 3DS as well…but hey even more reasons to finally get a switch 🙂

  2. jscarpe jscarpe says:

    The Mercenaries games aren’t going to blow you away with graphics (or the story for that matter) but the combat and class system are pretty awesome. They are an awesome value if you like SRPGs.

  3. Slayer Slayer says:

    …but the combat and class system are pretty awesome…


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