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Mercenaries Saga, Wings Launching on PC Next Month

Flyhigh Works revealed the date for the Mercenaries Saga trilogy and Mercenaries Wings’s PC release. The first four titles in the tactical RPG series will hit Steam in a month.

Cross Tails Western Release Confirmed

KEMCO confirmed that it is releasing Rideon’s strategy RPG Cross Tails in the west. The game will release on PC and consoles in all regions next month.

Cross Tails Releasing in Asia in July

KEMCO and Rideon announced a July release date for strategy RPG Cross Tails. While a western digital release appears likely, there is currently no official confirmation.

Rideon Announces Mercenaries Lament

Developer Rideon has announced a new title in its Mercenaries tactical RPG series. Mercenaries Lament will launch on Switch in Japan next month, with a PS4 version to follow.

Mercenaries Rebirth Released on PS4

Rideon’s latest tactical RPG Mercenaries Rebirth is now available on PS4 in North America and Europe. The PS4 version joins the previously released Switch version.

New Release Round-Up (January 7, 2021)

RPGamer’s regular store update is being repositioned to focus primarily on new releases. To kick off 2021, Kemco releases Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom on PC and consoles, while Chibig’s Summer in Mara arrives on Xbox One.