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XEL Releases on PS4, PS5 Alongside New DLC

Action adventure RPG XEL is now available on PS4 and PS5. In addition, PC and Switch players can pick up the new Breaking Time DLC, which continues Reid’s adventures where the game left off.

Bound by Blades Released on Steam

Boss-focused action RPG Bound by Blades has been released for PC via Steam. The game is also coming to Switch and mobile next year.

Roadwarden Arriving in September

Moral Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment’s Roadwarden has a release date. The September date comes with a new demo for the text-based RPG.

XEL Releasing Next Month

Assemble Entertainment and Tiny Roar revealed initial release dates for XEL. The action adventure RPG is coming to PC and Switch next month with PlayStation and Xbox console releases to follow later.

XEL Demo Impression

Tiny Roar’s XEL from developer is shaping up to be a solid 3D action-adventure RPG. Its Steam Next Fest demo shows an engaging protagonist in Reid along with fluid combat and delightful visuals.

New XEL Screenshots Released

Assemble Entertainment and Tiny Roar followed up XEL’s gameplay teaser earlier this month with some new screenshots. The adventure RPG hits PC and Switch this summer, and other consoles later in the year.

XEL Trailer Teases Gameplay

Assemble Entertainment and Tiny Roar released a new gameplay trailer for adventure RPG XEL. The time-bending love letter to Zelda makes its debut on PC and Switch this summer.

XEL Receives New Videos

Tiny Roar and Assemble Entertainment provided some new videos for XEL. RPGamers can get a look at some of the action adventure’s gameplay and design elements ahead of its release next year.

Adventure Title XEL Announced

Assemble Entertainment and Tiny Roar’s XEL is billed as a sci-fi Zelda-like. The game will be coming to PC and consoles next year.

Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos Fully Released

The sequel to Ancient Domains of Mystery is finally out. Over twenty-five years after the original’s release, Ultimate ADOM: Caverns of Chaos is available now in its full release version on Steam and GOG.com.

Highrisers Released on Steam

Crafting-focused survival RPG Highrisers is now available via Steam. The game sees players attempting to lead their survivors and gather supplies, craft gear, and eventually repair the helicopter that can take them to safety.

Highrisers Heads to Steam in May

Highrisers sees players trying to lead four survivors trapped in the upper levels during a zombie-like outbreak. The game launches on PC early next month.