Action RPG Bound by Blades Announced

Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer Zeth have announced Bound by Blades. The game is an action RPG with anthromorphic characters that focuses on boss battles. It is planned to release for PC in Q4 2022, with Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android versions to follow in 2023.

Bound by Blades is the set in the lands of Ashmyr. For centuries, the tribes of Ashmyr fought for supremacy until an ancient force was unleashed that turned many into corrupted fiends called the Ilcyon, which started slaughtering armies and towns. A new hope emerged in the guise of a lone warrior, who united the tribes and founded a new order, the Bound, made up of only those able to endure its harsh training.

Players select one of three different characters and set out to defeat the ten Ilcyon bosses (and their Extreme versions), collecting loot and resources to craft new equipment. The game includes three difficulty modes and two-player co-op, as well as an Endless Dungeon and score and ranking systems for replayability.




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