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Super Neptunia RPG Gets New Battle Screenshots

More screenshots have been released for Super Neptunia RPG focusing on the special Break Attacks. The new media comes with an update on the game’s official website detailing the game’s characters and some gameplay systems.

Super Neptunia RPG Limited Edition Announced

Idea Factory International has announced the limited edition for Super Neptunia RPG ahead of the game’s release in late June. The edition will be available to pre-order from next week.

Super Neptunia RPG to Release in June

In other news from Idea Factory International, the publisher announced release dates for Super Neptunia RPG. The PC and console versions of the game will hit towards the end of June.

Super Neptunia RPG Coming to Steam in Summer

Idea Factory International has announced that side-scrolling spin-off Super Neptunia RPG is coming to Steam. The PC release will follow the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions planned for spring.

Super Neptunia RPG’s Skills Detailed

Compile Heart has provided some new details for Super Neptunia RPG. The information concerns how players can learn new skills in the upcoming side-scrolling spin-off.

Super Neptunia RPG E3 Impression

Neptunia is going two dimensional in a new adventure. She’s bringing her pudding with her though, so she won’t get lonely. The other Goddesses are coming along too, so let’s hope she won’t get extra rowdy and get thrown into the trial grounds – at least not right away, anyways.

Brave Neptunia Gets First Screenshots

After some details emerged last week, the first images of Brave Neptunia are now available courtesy of Amazon Japan. RPGamers can get an early look at its 2D nature and combat system.