Artisan Studios Announces Lost Hellden

Astria Ascending and Super Neptunia RPG developer Artisan Studios has announced its latest title, Lost Hellden. The game is an action RPG with a hand-painted art style and is planned to release internationally on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch in 2025.

Lost Hellden is set on the planet Era, where its people are bound to one of the Seven Deadly Sins in a ceremony called the Nexus Ritual before their first birthday. The people are required to fight against their bound urges, transforming into mindless beasts if they succumb. After a woman gives birth to twins for the first time in the planet’s history, the leader of Era conducts the ritual himself, but it ends up with one twin bound to all seven sins and the other bound to none. While being brought up in a sanctuary in the capital Avilah, the twin bound to the sins — Leht — manages to escape, with his brother Cyphel sent to bring him back, accompanied by veterans Gram and Enki.

Lost Hellden will feature eight playable characters who can be customised, though details on the level of customisation have not been revealed. The game’s visuals look to provide 2D painted look on 3D locales, while the audio features direction from Final Fantasy XII and Valkyria Chronicles composer Hitoshi Sakimoto.




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