Super Neptunia RPG Opening Released

Compile Heart has released the opening movie for the upcoming Neptunia spin-off Super Neptunia RPG. Partly developed by Quebec-based developer Artisan Studios, the game is a 2D side-scrolling RPG that takes place in an alternate universe where 2D games still reign supreme. This version of the world of Gamindustri is ruled by an organisation named Bombyx Mori, which collects 2D games as taxes and bans new technologies or games that don’t meet its standards.

Super Neptunia RPG is due to be released in Japan for PlayStation 4 on September 27, 2018. A western release from Idea Factory International is also planned for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in late 2018. Anna Marie Privitere was able to check out the game at E3 and reported back with her impressions.



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