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Kunio-kun Collection Hits Japan This Fall

Arc System Works is gladly taking on the role of custodian of the Kuni-kun series. The company is looking to put out a collection of eighteen classic titles in Japan later this year.

River City: Rival Showdown Review

Just when you thought your girlfriend was safe from the punks in River City, think again. Ricki’s gal has been kidnapped and Kunio must find her in three days. Seriously, Ricki needs to keep a better eye on his girlfriend considering how often this keeps happening.

Fantasy Hero Comes to Switch

Arc System Works budget action RPG is making its way to Switch. In fact it’s making its way there quite quickly, releasing worldwide next week.

Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo Review

Mecha RPGs have been sadly lacking in the West for the last decade. Arc System Works is perhaps hoping to start a revival with this short, but fairly sweet, isometric action title.

Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters Review

There’s not many games that are so ideally fit to win one of RPGCast’s oddball yearly awards, but one such title is out this week. Though at least the ghosts in 2015’s likely Best Scooby-Doo Plot are the real thing.