Sakura Wars

The tactical RPG series is rebooted in a title set twelvers year after Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love. Known as “Shin Sakura Wars” in Japan and just “Sakura Wars” in the west.


Sakura Wars Review

After a decade in the wilderness, Sakura Wars is back with its unique mix of musical theatre and demon-fighting mechs. Not even a change to an action combat system can keep this star from shining.

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RPG Backtrack 257 – Chicks Dig Giant Robots

In 2019, Sega revived the long dormant Sakura Wars franchise with a soft reboot on the PlayStation 4. It’s time to brush off those theater glasses as Sam, Josh, and David talk about the Imperial Combat Revue while trying to cure their Koi-Koi addictions.

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RPG Cast – Episode 542: “Hell House? Hold My Beer”

There’s not a ton of news right now, which isn’t a big surprise considering the current challenges of making games. Instead we deep dive into our current games, with Jonathan, Josh, Kelley and Peter leading the charge. Anna Marie and Chris share hosting duties to wrap up this week’s panel.

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RPG Cast – Episode 541: “Let Him Explain!”

We’re back with a juicy show to kick off May. Alex, Chris, Josh, and Kelley join host Anna Marie for a catch-up segment of what we’ve all been playing for the last two weeks. News of the last two weeks gets a little weird as games are being delayed left and right, yet Indivisible somehow gets released early? What a weird world we live in.

Sakura Wars Media Highlights Relationships

More media for the upcoming Sakura Wars revival highlights the game’s relationship system. There are also new images showing the game’s costume-related DLC.

Sakura Wars Receives New Trailer

Sega released a new English-subtitled trailer for Sakura Wars. The reboot of the series is set to come west in just a couple of months.

Sakura Wars Gets April Release Date

Sakura Wars will finally return to North America and Europe in a couple of months. The series reboot will be hitting PS4 at the towards the end of April.

RPGamer’s Most Anticipated 2020 Games

As a prelude to our annual awards, which as usual should hit at the end of January, the RPGamer staff picked out many of the upcoming titles that they are most looking forward to. We hope you enjoy reading about our most anticipated games, and please let us know which ones you are most excited for.


RPG Cast – Episode 523: “He’s Big Enough for Both of Us to Pet”

We’re all Pokécrazy this week, with Alex, Anna Marie, Chris, Kelley and Peter all discussing their Pokétales and where the series could go moving forward. Josh is the odd man out, but he’s got interesting demos to share instead, so it’s cool. Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be a short show?!

Project Sakura Wars Combat Revue Battles Detailed

Sega has provided more details about Project Sakura Wars and the in-game competition hosted by the World Combat Revue Federation. There is also a new character music video focusing on Claris.

Project Sakura Wars Demo, Other Details Revealed

Project Sakura Wars will be getting a demo in Japan later this month. Sega also released some new details and images from the game, as well as another character-focused music video.

Project Sakura Wars Highlights Anastasia

Anastasia Palma is the latest character in Project Sakura Wars to receive her own character image song. The revival of the series is set to launch in Japan this December.