Project Sakura Wars Combat Revue Battles Detailed

Sega provided more details for the upcoming PlayStation 4 title Project Sakura Wars. The new details introduce the WLOF (World Combat Revue Federation), its leaders, and organised Combat Revue battles, as well as showing a few additional characters. The company also released its latest character music video, this entry showcasing Claris Snowflake with the song “Rinbu”, performed by her voice actor Saori Hayami.

The WLOF oversees and organises competitions between the Combat Revues around the world and has its own impressive and powerful flagship. It is led by President G, who follows his predecessors by having his real name, birthplace, age, and other details deliberately shrouded in mystery. His right-hand man is known as Mister I and he oversees the WLOF’s intelligence division.



The other three characters revealed are relatives of Tokyo Combat Revue members Sakura Amamiya and Azami Mochizuki. Hinata Amamiya is Sakura’s mother, though she passed away aged 27. Hinata’s positive attitude has seemingly passed onto her daughter, whose favourite sword is a memento of Hinata. Tekkan Amamiya is Sakura’s father and is a blacksmith who specialises in ritual objects. Finally, Yattansai Mochizuki is the head of a village that holds onto the Mochizuki martial style and is Azami’s foster father. He makes Azami keep a journal of her time with the Toyko Combat Revue and visits every week to check it.

Great Combat Revue World War is a competition held by the WLOF every two years. The contest features matches between the Combat Revues, which take the form of three-on-three contests. Players can choose the active team for the Tokyo Combat Revue’s matches based on their preferences.



Matches are made up of three rounds, with the Revue that wins two rounds declared the winner. Rounds see the two teams fighting against lots of enemies; defeating these enemies earns points shown in a gauge on the top. Victory is given to the team that completely fills the gauge or has the most points when time runs out. Special gold enemies provide three times as many points as regular enemies. Events will occur during these battles to heighten the drama.

Project Sakura Wars is set in an alternate world in Taisho Year 29, which would be the real-world equivalent of 1940 had the Taisho era not ended with the passing of the emperor in 1926 (Taisho Year 15). The game takes place twelve years after the events of Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love and ten years after the Great Kouma War, during which forces from Tokyo, Paris, and New York saved the world from supernatural threats. The game is set to be released in Japan for PlayStation 4 on December 12, 2019, with a western release planned for spring 2020.




Source: Gematsu, Famitsu


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