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Last Loremaster Demo Available

The Bad Nomads has released a demo for Middle Eastern-inspired action RPG Last Loremaster for PC. The game is due to be released next year.

Legends of Starkadia Announced

Doom Turtle has announced the development of a new turn-based RPG, Legends of Starkadia. The game is influenced by classic RPGs such as Earthbound and Chrono Trigger.

Ender Magnolia Enters Early Access

Binary Haze Interactive, Adglobe, and Live Wire have released the Metroidvania game Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist on Steam Early Access. The 1.0 version of the game is due to be released for PC and consoles later this year.

Cassette Beasts Multiplayer Update Announced

Raw Fury and Bytten Studio had multiple reveals for monster-battling RPG Cassette Beasts. In addition to an online multiplayer update, the game is also getting a collaboration and mobile release.

Stellar Blade Demo Releasing This Week

A free demo for Stellar Blade releases on PS5 this week ahead of the game’s launch next month. Players will be able to try out the first section of the action RPG, up to its first boss fight.

RPGamer Round-Up: March 17 – March 24

It’s a lighter editorial week as we catch up on a very busy start to the year. However, we still have a beta impression for the highly anticipated Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes with it also being a decently busy news week.

Astral Throne Demo Coming Soon

Zero Sun Games has announced a demo for roguelike strategy RPG Astral Throne will release for PC next month. The game combines the grid-based combat associated with strategy RPGs with the randomness of roguelike adventures.