Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth Details Combat Changes, New Jobs

Sega and Ryū ga Gotoku Studio released new details and screenshots for the upcoming Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. The update provides information on the new elements of the game’s combat, which will build upon the turn-based system of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, as well as some of its new jobs.

One of Infinite Wealth’s new features is the ability to control character movement during combat. On their turns, characters can move within a certain distance, allowing them to come within the vicinity of items such as signboards and bicycles, and use them on foes. Various new items can be used in this way; some may explode upon impact or hold other weapons inside. With the addition of controllable movement, the developer has also placed additional focus on area of effect attacks. There are a variety of new attacks that can strike a line of enemies or those nearby.



Knockback attacks have also been adjusted. Players will now be able to knock enemies into walls or other objects such as explosive gas canisters and deal damage or inflict status effects. Players can also cause enemies to collide with each other. In addition, Infinite Wealth will let characters partner up for combo attacks when in range of another ally they have a strong connection with. Perfect Attacks, initiated when players correctly time a button press during a special attack, have also been enhanced to let players deal additional strikes or hit more foes. Finally, when facing much weaker foes, a Smackdown option will let players finish a battle much more quickly, at the cost of less experience.

Like Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth features a job system. Each party member has their own unique starting job but can change to other jobs unlocked throughout the game. Kazuma Kiryu comes a new unique job, Dragon of Dojima, which features three forms as well as a special Action Mode that lets him fight in the action brawler style of other series titles for a brief period. Returning characters Ichiban Kasuga (Hero), Yu Nanba (Homeless Guy), Koichi Adachi (Detective), Saeko Mukoda (Barmaid), Joongi Han (Hitman), Tianyou Zhao (Gangster) retain their unique jobs from Yakuza: Like a Dragon, while new party members Eric Tomizawa (Cabbie), Chitose Fujinomiya (Heiress), and Seonhee (Assassin) get their own unique jobs.



Other unlockable new jobs debuting in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth include Samurai, which uses swords and bows for quickfire and area-of-effect attacks. Aquanut uses marine-themed creatures and items to inflict status effects on foes, while Desperado uses dual pistols, dynamite, and ropes to take out multiple enemies at once. Kunoichi specialises in speed and can uses its abilities to swap turns with allies or use clones to deal damage, while Housekeeper uses cleaning techniques to sweep away enemies. Finally, Geodancer is a balanced job that uses dances to attack enemies as well as support allies, and is able to unleash elemental attacks.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth sees Yakuza: Like a Dragon protagonist Ichiban Kasuga traveling to Hawaii in search of his mother, where he is joined by long-time series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, only to uncover something more sinister behind the scenes. The game will release worldwide on January 26, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.


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