Final Fantasy XVI Gets New Japanese Gameplay Videos, Soundtrack Release

Square Enix released some new Japanese videos showing gameplay from Final Fantasy XVI. The new video can be viewed below and mostly covers the same subjects as earlier revealed footage, showcasing particular gameplay elements such as Eikon battles, difficult-adjusting accessories, and canine companion Torgal. In addition, the company provided new artwork showing the game’s Eikons as well as announcing the release of its original soundtrack.

Final Fantasy XVI’s soundtrack will come in two physical versions: the standard edition and the Ultimate Edition. Both editions are available to pre-order from Square Enix’s online store. The standard edition includes seven CDs and is priced at $64.99/€39.99/£34.99, while the Ultimate Edition includes eight CDs and is priced at $82.99/€69.99/£59.99. Pre-orders for both editions include a mini clear file and an original Sticky Note featuring puppy Torgal while supplies last. The soundtrack will release in July 2023.



Final Fantasy XVI will release for PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023. The game is set on the high fantasy land of Valisthea, which is dotted with Mothercrystals, towering structures that spread aether. People have built up around the crystals, using the aether for magic and to help them live in comfort. Valisthea is home to incredibly powerful beings called Eikons, Final Fantasy XVI’s variant on the series’s summons. Protagonist Clive Rosfield becomes involved with the dark Eikon Ifrit, with the game featuring him in three major stages of his life — his teens, twenties, and thirties — starting out on a quest for revenge that slowly changes as he encounters others.



Eikon Battles


Eikon Skills


Story Mode






Party Allies


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