Capcom Details Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Free Title Update 3

Capcom held a livestream detailing the upcoming features that are a part of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak‘s Free Title Update 3. The update, available for PC and Nintendo Switch on November 24, 2022, will come with new monsters, expanded Anomaly Research quests, more weekly event quests, and new paid DLC.

The three new monsters coming to the game will be Chaotic Gore Magala, Risen Kushala Daora, and Risen Teostra. Chaotic Gore Magala is a Gore Magala that failed its mutation into a Shagaru Magala and as such exhibits the attacks of both. The Risen Elder Dragons will be more fierce, as well as being able to enter the Risen state, which will unleash new attacks on the player. Chaotic Gore Magala will be available at Master Rank 10, while Risen Kushala Daora and Risen Teostra will be available at Master Rank 120 and 140, respectively.

Anomaly Quests will now be able to go to rank A7, which will introduce a slew of new monsters such as Flaming Espinas, Scorned Magnamalo, and Seething Bazelgeuse. The level cap on the quests will be increased to 200 and players will now be able to lower the level of the quests as well. Qurious Crafting will get an expansion, with new categories to augment and a new method to better pick stats.

Followers have been reworked, namely to increase the number of the quests players will be able to bring Followers. They can now be brought on nearly every Master Rank quest as well as Anomaly Quests and Investigations. New paid DLC will also bring a new line of plush-themed layered weapons styled after the monsters in the game.


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