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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Gets More Videos

Capcom has provided more footage from Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne expansion. In addition to showing all of the weapon types on offer, the developer provided a story trailer introducing the Research Commission’s attempts to explore the Hoarfrost Reach.

Monster Hunter: World Sieges the Kulve Taroth

A new Elder Dragon has been spotted and all hunters are going to need to call in more help than usual to take it down. All in a (limited) day’s work in this next monster update.

Monster Hunter: World Review

Capcom hopes to convince the entire world to jump into its Monster Hunter franchise with this latest release. We tackle the biggest, baddest dragons this side of the Ancient Forest to bring you our take on Monster Hunter: World.

Monster Hunter: World Out Globally

Monster Hunter: World is now letting console gamers worldwide band together to tackle some dangerous beasts. The game’s recent launch is marked with a brief launch trailer highlight of its world and said beasts.

Monster Hunter: World Day One Patch Detailed

Days away from Monster Hunter: World and Capcom has an outline of what to expect Day One. Some scant details are also available for future patches for the game.

Monster Hunter: World Tours the Rotten Vale

One would be hard pressed finding recreational reasons to go to the Rotten Vale. However, its a place hunters must go to find their quarry, with RPGamer able to get a preview of what awaits them in this new video

Monster Hunter: World Explores the Coral Highlands

A new Monster Hunter: World video introduces the Coral Highlands area of the game. While the hunter looks to take down a Paolumu, various other species conveniently show up to highlight some potential tactics available to players.

Monster Hunter: World Introduces Some Elder Dragons

A brand new Monster Hunter game is just three weeks away. Capcom’s newest update introduces some dragons, with the company also announcing a third and final pre-release beta for PlayStation 4 owners.

Monster Hunter: World Expanding to PC in Fall

RPGamers wondering about the state of the PC version of Monster Hunter: World can relax just a little bit. Capcom hasn’t forgotten it, it’s just arriving considerably later this year.