Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Launching in June

Capcom held a digital event for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, during which it revealed more details, including a release date. The expansion to Monster Hunter Rise will release on PC and Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2022. The expansion will be available to purchase individually or in a new bundle featuring both Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak. A Deluxe Edition will be available that includes bonus content such as layered armor sets, gestures, and hairstyles.

Following the events of Monster Hunter Rise, the knight Dame Fiorayne travels from the kingdom to Kimura Village seeking aid. Hunters set out to Elgado Outpost, a port that is home to a laboratory researching the abnormal monster activity, where they will meet new characters including Admiral Galleus, the scientist Bahari, Minayle the Blacksmith, Oboro the Merchant, and quest-giver Chichae.

The threat to the kingdom comes from monsters called the Three Lords inspired by western horror. They are led by new monster Garangolm as well as the Fanged Wyvern Lunagaron and the Elder Dragon Malzeno. The expansion also includes monsters Blood Orange Bishaten and Astalos, while players will take on missions taking them to new locations such as the Citadel, where snowy mountains descend into lush forests with a long-abandoned fortress at its centre.



Ahead of Sunbreak’s release, Capcom is adding new armor sets and weapons for Monster Hunter Rise. The Defender weapon series features high attack power designed to help players through early hunts, especially when paired with the Black Belt armor and Veteran’s Talisman. Meanwhile, the Guild Cross set speeds up item harvesting and is likely useful for those approaching High Rank quests. Those Monster Hunter Rise players who do not purchase the Sunbreak expansion should note that they will receive a 13GB update when Sunbreak launches, which will be required for online play, and includes weapon balances, item packs, and character edit vouchers.

Monster Hunter Rise originally released for Nintendo Switch in 2021, with a PC version released in January 2022, and picked up RPGamer’s 2021 Game of the Year Award. The game sees hunters facing off against a new phenomenon called the Rampage. To help defend against it, players will be able to utilize the new Palamutes and Wirebug feature, adding a greater level of movement.





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