Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak First Title Update Detailed

Capcom held a new digital event for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, during which it provided details on the first title update for the expansion. The update is available for free on PC and Nintendo Switch today.

The first title update includes four new monsters, as well as new end game content. The four new monsters are led by dragons Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian, which have appeared in multiple titles since debuting in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Also returning are Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate’s Lucent Nargacuga, and its Forlorn Arena home area, as well as Monster Hunter: World’s Seething Bazelgeuse. The new monsters are each joined by a relevant new armour set, and require players reach Master Rank 10 before they can be unlocked.

The new end game content is built around Anomaly Quests, where players battle monsters affected by the Qurio creaturesin Sunbreak’s story. The update adds new A5 rank quests featuring newly afflicted monsters such as Lunagaron and Mizutsune. Some of these quests are unlocked by participating in Anomaly Investigations. Anomaly Investigations is a new quest system where the monster and its location are randomised.



Also added is Qurious Crafting, a way to further enhance weapons and armour. Weapons have a certain number of Anomaly Slots, and players can add upgrades to these slots. Meanwhile, for armour, players can add random stat augmentations using materials and money, though players can choose not to apply the upgrade if they wish. Finally, Bahari’s Research Lab allows players to exchange items obtained from Anomaly Investigations.

Capcom also announced that weekly event quests will return from August 18, 2022. There will also be new “Dual Threat” event quests where players face off against two monsters at once. The company also announced that is it adding more cosmetic paid DLC.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is an expansion to Monster Hunter Rise and released for PC and nintendo Switch in June 2022. Sunbreak includes a new storyline, as well as new locations, new monsters, a new quest rank, and new gameplay features. Those looking to read more about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak can check out Phil Willis’s review.




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