RPG Cast – Episode 621: “My Elden Ring Fever Dreams”

Kelley puts a price on a good nap. Josh complains about Pokémon (someone has to). And Chris’s true Dark Souls adventure begins with his dryer.

Question of the Week
What’s your Pokémon starter for Gen 9?

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4 Responses

  1. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    QotW: I’m also Team Grass Cat, though I did love the fanart of Quaxly as the Mad Duck from Earthbound. In all honesty, I’ll probably end up with all three on my first full run through anyway.

  2. For eight prior generations, I’ve picked the Fire Starter, and unless I really, really don’t like its final evolution, I’m picking Fuecoco. I find the little croc cute and goofy.

    I’m wondering if Fuecoco’s final evolution could be a serpentine-looking crocodilian, thus fulfilling the snake in the zodiac. Or maybe Game Freak decided to throw a wrench in the theory. We’ll find out eventually.

  3. Krull Krull says:

    I’m going with Bub. Or is it Bob? When I first saw the starters, grass cat was the obvious winner – but once someone pointed out the resemblance to Bubble Bobble, I’ve been sold on Fuecoco since.

    But final evolutions will also be key. Louie will presumably progress to Donald and end up as Scrooge McDuck…

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