RPGamer Round-Up: February 7 – February 14

Welcome to the latest edition of RPGamer’s round-up column, where we take a look back at some of the articles that we have posted over the previous week. This article is designed to give reminders of some interesting content and stories that our less regular visitors might have missed.


Editorial Content

The Phantom Thieves strike back in an action-packed adventure across Japan. Atlus and Omega Force join forces to provide a sequel to Persona 5 that Alex Fuller discovers has a huge amount to endear itself with.

Osteoblasts tries its hand at delivering a single-character turn-based RPG. While many of its elements are indeed interesting, Gabriele Malacasa notes the execution of both the battle system and story may leave something to be desired.

Woodsalt is a game with some interesting sci-fi setting and story ideas. Unfortunately, Alex Fuller finds those ideas are unable to stand up on their own without the necessary support.

Switch gamers can now join the adventure of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. Anna Marie Privitere provides her thoughts on the Switch release, and joins them with Michael Baker’s PC thoughts for a new video review.

Paul Shkreli takes a look back on the first month of his year-long quest to pound through his backlog of games. Come take a look at this ’90s selection of games.

Major News

The Kingdom Hearts series is coming to PC very soon. The series collections, Kingdom Hearts III, and the Melody of Memory rhythm action game will all arrive on the Epic Games Store in less than two months.

The much-anticipated Eiyuden Chronicle now has a publishing partner. Rabbit & Bear Studios has announced it will work with 505 Games to release the game in 2022.

1C Entertainment announced a new story-driven turn-based RPG. VED follows a young hero able to teleport between two worlds.

1C Entertainment’s strategy RPG King’s Bounty II has a firm release date. The game will arrive on PC and consoles in late August.

The Disciples strategy RPG series is getting a new entry, eleven years after the previous release. Disciples: Liberation is expected to launch for PC and next-gen consoles at the end of this year.

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter Check-In feature returns for a look at an ongoing crowdfunding campaign. Animmal’s The Way of Wrath is a tactical RPG with players attempting to hold a fort and survive the cold environment in the face of enemy assaults.



Other Selected Stories


This week in Q&A Quest we talk more about Dragon Quest VII and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. We also answer some Dragon Quest series questions with the help of Matt Masem.

Bandai Namco surprised us with a sequel to its team-up with Studio Ghibli. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is a little less Ghibli than we would like, but guests Chris and Anna Marie Privitere still joined us to talk about how to make Evermore great again. Now where are those darn higgledies…


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