Eldest Souls Flexes Customizable Combat System

A pair of new trailers released by United Label Games for Fallen Flag Studio’s upcoming action RPG Eldest Souls shows off a number of its systems, particularly the breadth of combat customization at players’ fingertips. In order to take on the Gods and emerge victorious, players can make use of three distinct fighting styles — Windslide, Berserk Slash, and Counter — each with two unique talent trees to mix and match abilities from. In addition, defeating bosses will grant players shards, which can unlock new mechanics when equipped on their own, or be infused with specific mechanics or fighting styles, further customizing the amount of attacks and combos at players’ disposal.

Long before the game takes place, humanity imprisoned the Old Gods and has since prospered, building thriving civilizations on their ruined temples. To exact revenge, the Old Gods unleashed a terrible plague to devastate the world of Man. Players take on the role of the sole surviving warrior of the Great Crusade that was sent to the Citadel to slay the Old Gods once and for all. Eldest Souls is in development for PC and Nintendo Switch, with a demo available to download via Steam during PAX Online. The game is slated to release in fall of 2020.




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