Event Horizon Shows Dark Envoy Gameplay

Tower of Time developer Event Horizon released a new video for its upcoming strategic RPG Dark Envoy. The video features nine minutes of footage from the first two hours of the game, providing a quick story premise and showing character creation, exploration, combat, and event scenes. The game is currently planned for release in mid-2021 and is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Dark Envoy sees players exploring the world using a Skyship as their base of operations. The game, which is co-written by author Michael Chatfield, follows siblings Kaela and Kiros as they attempt to repair their parents’ spaceship while the world is embroiled in a war between the Human Empire and the Old Races. Dark Envoy will feature real-time exploration, though combat will be turn-based. It will include single-player, two-player co-op, and a mode called Player vs. World, where the second player acts as the final boss and attempts to defeat the first player before they become too powerful.



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