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Dark Envoy Set to Arrive in October

Event Horizon announced a release date for its cRPG Dark Envoy. Players will join siblings Malakai and Kaela in the fantasy world of Jäan this October.

Dark Envoy Gameplay Trailer Released

Developer Event Horizon released a gameplay trailer for Dark Envoy. The 90-second video shows the guns ‘n’ sorcery RPG’s real-time-with-pause combat system.

Dark Envoy Trailer Teases Story, Gameplay

Event Horizon provided some new media for its upcoming title Dark Envoy. The game is a non-linear sci-fi/fantasy RPG in development for PC and consoles.

Dark Envoy Gamescom Trailer Shows Off Gameplay

Event Horizon has a new trailer out for Dark Envoy focusing on the gameplay. The game features a Player vs. World mode that pits player against player, with one of them acting as the final boss.

Event Horizon Announces Dark Envoy

Tower of Time developer Event Horizon has announced a new title. Dark Envoy is a non-linear RPG following siblings Kaela and Kiros as they attempt to repair their parents’ spaceship and is currently set to be released for PC and consoles in late 2020.

Tower of Time Coming to Consoles in 2020

CRPG Tower of Time is getting console versions. The game, originally released for PC and Linux last year, is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Tower of Time Adds New Modes

Tower of Time has received continual support since its release last year and now it’s getting ready for two new game modes. These, along with new customization options, headline the game’s biggest content update to date.

Tower of Time Scheduled for April

Tower of Time is a CRPG from Event Horizon currently in Early Access. The developer recently announced a release month for its full version, and also provided two videos of the game.