Tower of Time Adds New Modes

Developer Event Horizon has announced that it will be adding a new update to its RPG Tower of Time. The free update will include two new game modes and increased character customization options.

The first new game mode is RPGlite, a mode that unlocks all seven character classes from the start. Using attribute points that can be spent in skills and weapon upgrades, players must rethink strategies from the base game. Additionally, each completed floor will offer even more ability points and methods of customization. Players will continue through the various floors until the entirety of the party has been defeated.

The second new game mode is Permadeath, which once again gives players access to the whole party at once. However, once a party member falls they are dead forever. A new difficulty mode will also be added to assist with this called “Blood”. This difficulty will give players a chance to strengthen their characters before the enemy’s power ramps up. A leaderboard will also be added to compare players’ progress between one another. Both new modes will have options to skip dialogue, cutscenes, and other non-gameplay elements as well.

Tower of Time is a real-time RPG featuring a system called Arrow Time, which slows down time in order for the player to better give orders. The game is currently available on PC and Linux.

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