New Trailer Shows Gameplay for The Last Spell

Publisher The Arcade Crew and developer CCCP announced a partnership for strategy RPG The Last Spell, and have released a new trailer showing gameplay footage. The game is scheduled to release in 2020 for Mac and PC via Steam, with a Nintendo Switch version also in development. The two-minute gameplay trailer can be seen below.

The Last Spell takes place in a world decimated by a monster-creating mist that plagues the land. The last remnants of humanity are backed into a corner and players are tasked with defending the last of the mages as they prepare a spell that will banish all magic from the world. There is a day-and-night cycle in the game where players can train, build, fortify, and set traps during the day to prepare for the nightly attacks. Combat is turn-based and takes place on a 3D grid where aggressive tactics are encouraged. What weapon the characters equip determines their class, which also alters their abilities in battle.



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