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The Last Spell DLC Cast on PC This Month

The Arcade Crew and Ishtar Games announced DLC for tactical RPG The Last Spell. Dwarves of Runenberg adds a new map, a new class, and more, and will be accompanied by a free update.

Worlds of Aria Gets Narration from Laura Bailey

Ishtar Games and Ludogram revealed that Laura Bailey is on board to narrate Worlds of Aria. The tabletop-inspired co-op RPG adventure is planned to launch on PC and Switch next year.

Worlds of Aria Announced

The tabletop-inspired RPG adventure World of Aria has been announced. Players can check out a debut gameplay trailer offering a first look at its dice-rolling multiplayer action.

The Last Spell Unleashed in March

The Arcade Crew and Ishtar Games revealed that The Last Spell is exiting Early Access in a couple of weeks. The full version will land on PC, PS4, PS5, and Switch.

The Last Spell Receives Prologue Demo

A free prologue demo is now available for tactical RPG The Last Spell. The demo lets players go through the first five days of the game’s campaign.

Tactical RPG The Last Spell Announced

Developer CCCP has announced tactical RPG The Last Spell. The game sees players trying to hold onto humanity’s last bastion as its magicians try one final effort to save the world from monstrous hordes.

Dead in Vinland Demo Goes Live

For those who haven’t stepped into the survival/management RPG Dead in Vinland yet, developer CCCP hopes to offer something enticing. A free demo lets players experience the first few days of a group of outcast Vikings stranded on a cursed island.

Dead in Vinland to Release in April

The second title in developer CCCP’s “Dead in” series has a release date. Players will be able to assist Viking Eirik and his family survive after they are exiled to a hostile land.