Kickstarter Check-In: War of Ashird

Igrasil Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for War of Ashird, its strategic turn-based RPG. A trailer revealing some gameplay footage can be seen below.

The story of War of Ashird follows Deegan, a young hunter who resides in the world of Ashird. Fate eventually intervenes and Deegan gets caught up in turmoil that centers around the three main nations of the game: The Prisean Empire, the Kingdom of Ceredia, and the Free Cities’ Alliance. How Deegan solves the conflicts between these nations and the choices the player makes throughout the journey will influence the story.

War of Ashird will feature two different battle systems. The default system will consist of grid-based battles with up to seven characters. When players are fighting bosses, laying siege to a castle, or conquering new territories, the game shifts to a three-member turn-based combat system. There will be over twenty playable characters to recruit, with over twenty cities to visit, and the opportunity to own land and become the lord of a castle.

War of Ashird is expected to release for PC in 2021, with consoles slated for 2022, though no specific consoles were mentioned. Igrasil Studio is looking to hit $82,000 in funding by May 21, 2020. Those who pledge at least $25 will receive a digital copy of the game, digital artbook, and access to the game’s discord channel as part of their backer rewards.


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