Pillars of Dust Releasing in March

Something Classic Games and Retreaux Games have announced the retro 8-bit RPG Pillars of Dust is heading to Steam on March 17, 2020. The release trailer, along with additional screenshots, can be viewed below.

Pillars of Dust will have two protagonists, a prince and a pauper, each with a unique vantage point, but both follow the guidance of wise men that lead them down similar paths. The game features an old-school look and sound, turn-based battles, fast-paced gameplay, multiple characters to recruit, with streamlined menus and inventory system. Pillars of Dust will also have unique, witty dialogue with many puns, and an economy that revolves around chicken nuggets.




Ryan Radcliff

Ryan joined RPGamer in 2018 as a News Writer. His love for RPGs is only matched by his love for sports, and chicken.

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