Pillars of Dust

In this retro-style RPG, Prince Carlton and pauper Gregg must make their separate ways through a mysterious land to learn their origins — and find some nuggets along the way.

Something Classic Games
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Something Classic Games
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Pillars of Dust Review

Taking inspiration from the RPGs of old, Pillars of Dust takes the retro-style and adds a few quality-of-life improvements to the mix with reduced grinding and balanced combat mechanics. Does the formula work for a modern audience?

Game Content

Pillars of Dust Out Now

Retro RPG Pillars of Dust is now available on Steam. Those who pick the game up during its launch week will get a copy of Something Classic Games’ previous title Shadows of Adam for free.

Pillars of Dust Releasing in March

The newest project from the creator of Shadows of Adam, Pillars of Dust, will be arriving on PC this March. The new RPG will follow two characters that have intersecting storylines.

Pillars of Dust Demo Announced

Something Classic Games will be releasing a demo for its recently-announced title Pillars of Dust. The demo will be available at the end of this month.