Something Classic Games Announces Two Upcoming Titles

After bringing its 2017 retro JRPG Shadows of Adam to Nintendo Switch a few months ago, developer Something Classic Games announced two new games currently in the works. The first of these games, Pillars of Dust, is a cross between traditional JRPG exploration and world-building and an arcade spin of trying to complete the game as fast as possible. The game will revolve around two protagonists whose intersecting storylines can be played in either order, with the one played first affecting the next one. The game world also features a chicken-nugget-based economy. The team is aiming for a Q1 2020 release on PC.

The second new title announced is a game called QuartetQuartet will feature eight playable characters who come together to end the war over the control of magic. There will be a total of four unique opening chapters to account for the characters’ diverse backgrounds, playable in any order. Combat will feature the option to swap characters in and out of battle, and the puzzle-based dungeons will see players having to control multiple parties to proceed. No release information has been announced for Quartet.



Pascal Tekaia

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