People Can Fly Debuts Outriders Gameplay Footage

Developer People Can Fly held its reveal stream for shooter RPG Outriders, where it showed plenty of elements from the game. Several new videos are available to watch, with the developer providing additional details about the game.

Outriders is set on the planet Enoch, after Earth has been ruined and humanity has sent out ships to find a new potential home. Players control an eponymous Outrider, effectively an advance operative sent out to identify potential threats as well as to clear the planet for a full colonisation effort. Initial missions are positive, though the Outriders pick up on some reading that warrant further investigation. However, the go-ahead for a full landing is given anyway, and the readings turn out to portend an energy storm known as the Anomaly.

This storm ends up killing a number of settlers while changing others and destroying all the technology they brought with them. The player character is injured by the Anomaly and put into cryostasis, waking up thirty years later to find themselves changed by their contact with the Anomaly and Enoch ravaged by war.

After the initial prologue, players will travel to multiple zones, each with its own central hub area. Players will choose a starting class, with three revealed so far: the Pyromancer, the Trickster, and the Devastator. The Pyromancer uses fire to damage crowds of enemies and acts as battlefield controller, the Trickster focuses on using speed and time-manipulation abilities, and the Devastator relies on strong armor and gravity-based skills. Each class heals themselves in different ways: the Pyromancer heals when it defeats someone on fire, while the Devastator and Trickster both heal from close-range kills.

Outriders will allow up to three players to join forces in drop-in and drop-out multiplayer when it launches in the 2020 holiday period. The game will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.


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