Arc of Alchemist Gets Combat Details, Screenshots; Switch Version Heading West

Idea Factory International provided some details and screenshots for its upcoming title Arc of Alchemist. Players will automatically enter battle when they encounter enemies on the field. Controlling main protagonist Quinn, they will have two preset actions available, depending on which weapon Quinn has equipped. The party contains up to three members, who will perform actions automatically based on orders issued before battle alongside their actions and formation.

Quinn also has access to a special device called the Lunagear. The Lunagear can be equipped with orbs representing the four elements — fire, water, wind, and earth — that affect how the Lunagear behaves. For exmaple, the Fire Orb will allow it to damage enemies with fire, while the Earth Orb will create a slab of rock that absorbs damage. Elements can be combined to create stronger effects.

In addition, the publisher revealed that the game’s Nintendo Switch version, which was recently released in Japan, will be released in North America and Europe alongside the previously-announced PlayStation 4 version. The western release of both versions will include the changes made for the Japanese Switch release, such as the ability for players to freely switch between party members. The game will be released digitally in North America and Europe in early 2020, with Europe also receiving a physical edition of the PlayStation 4 version.



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