Build Bases in Arc of Alchemist Trailer

With Arc of Alchemist nearing its Japanese release, developer Compile Heart has been busy showing off footage of the game. The below trailer introduces the game’s base-building mechanic. Players will be able to build and customize bases tile-by-tile with options to buy and expand these garrisons.

Arc of Alchemist is an open-world RPG set in a desert world where protagonist Quinn Bravesford commands a colorful battalion. The game’s story focuses on Quinn and her gang as they search for a legendary power in the desert, and features artwork by legendary artist, Yoshitaka Amano. The game is set to be released on November 29, 2018, for the PlayStation 4. No word of a western release has been announced.



Ryan Radcliff

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2 Responses

  1. Xoco Xoco says:

    Compile Hearts? I kinda recalled this dev hasn’t been really to my liking, but the base building sounds like an interesting idea in an rpg.

  2. Slayer Slayer says:

    Even though C.H. games are mostly mediocre, I keep hoping for another game like Fairy Fencer F.

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