Daedalic Entertainment to Publish Iron Danger

Developer Action Squad Studios has announced it has a signed a deal with Daedalic Entertainment that will see the latter publishing the upcoming tactical RPG Iron Danger. Alongside the announcement of the publishing deal, it was also revealed that the game is now planned for release on PC via Steam in March 2020. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are also planned for sometime after the PC release.

Iron Danger is based on Nordic mythology, particularly The Kalevala and Finnish folklore. The game stars Kipuna, a village girl who is granted power over time and death. She leads a group of heroes as they become embroiled in a war between the city of Kalevala, ruled by an immortal, and the armies of Northlanders led by their Witch Queen. Those looking to read more about Iron Danger can check out RPGamer’s impressions from E3 and PAX West.




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