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Capes Set to Fly in May

Spitfire Interactive and Daedalic Entertainment revealed that superhero tactical RPG Capes is launching in a couple of months. The release window comes with a new trailer highlighting stealthy party member Rebound.

New Capes Demo Available Now

Daedalic Entertainment and Spitfire Interactive released a new Steam demo for Capes. The superhero tactical RPG is currently planned to release early next year.

Capes PAX West Impression

Tactical RPGs and interesting superhero stories should go hand-in-hand. Capes provides this combination for gamers, and RPGamer got to take a look at how things are shaping up with its PAX West demo.

Iron Danger Released on Consoles

Over three years after its PC release, Iron Danger is finally available on consoles. The time-manipulation tactical RPG is set in a steampunk fantasy world inspired by Finnish folklore.

Capes Publisher, Console Release Announced

Daedalic Entertainment is partnering with Spitfire Interactive for superhero strategy RPG Capes. The publishing announcement comes with news of console versions for the game.

Inkulinati Demo Impression

Inkulinati uses visual flair and comedic sensibilities to catch the eyes in this roguelite tactical game. RPGamer takes a look at the demo to see how deep the combat goes in matching this style.

NACON Acquires Daedalic Entertainment

A third acquisition from a French publisher within ten days has been announced. NACON is snapping up publisher and developer Daedalic Entertainment.

CryoFall Fully Launching Next Week

Multiplayer survival RPG CryoFall is fully releasing on PC next week. The launch comes after two years on Steam Early Access.

Iron Danger Out Now on PC

Time-manipulating tactical RPG Iron Danger is now available on PC. The game’s release is accompanied by a pair of new trailers.

Iron Danger Releasing in March

Time-manipulating tactical RPG Iron Danger has been given a Steam release date. The game will be available for PC, Mac, and Linux towards the end of March.

CryoFall Gets Early Access Update, Demo

Multiplayer survival RPG CryoFall received a new update to its Early Access version. To go with the update, a new demo gives potential players eight hours of game time on its current version for free.

Iron Danger PAX West 2019 Impression

Anna Marie Privitere was able to check out Iron Danger at this year’s PAX West. It turns out that failing miserably is as key a gameplay element as fighting well, giving rise to the game’s rewind mechanic.