New Post-Game Island Revealed for Dragon Quest Builders 2

The official Japanese website for Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been updated to show that there is a new island for those who complete the main game. Named Cultivation Island, Square Enix explains that with all of the things that can be built in-game, Vacant Island won’t be so vacant any longer, and players will need a new space to play.

Cultivation Island will give players the opportunity to choose exactly what kind of environment they want, including environments exclusive to it alone. The size and shape of the island will be randomly generated, however. The ability to create a new Cultivation Island is available, but it will overwrite the previous island. The island will also be updated in the future to include bringing comrades, multiplayer, and updates to the terrain via the bulletin board.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 launched in Japan on December 20, 2018, for the PlayStation 4 and Switch. North America and Europe are still waiting for more specific details around the planned 2019 release.

Source: Gematsu



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