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Dragon Quest XI S Set for 2019 Japanese Release

Dragon Quest XI’s Switch version appeared at Japan’s Jump Festa event, with confirmation it will be coming to Japan in 2019. A new trailer highlights the version’s new Japanese voice-acting.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Brings Puzzles

Dragon Quest Builders 2’s Occulm Island holds many secrets. One is the presence of Builder Puzzles, special construction challenges for players to solve. Another is the ability to construct an actual bar in order to slake your workforce’s thirst.

RPG Backtrack Episode 194: Chasing the Dragon

Just when it seemed safe to talk about the seventh Dragon Quest, it was remade for the 3DS. Now that a little time has passed and the official Backtrack Statute of Limitations has expired, we can discuss this sizable title.

Square Enix Presents Plenty of Gameplay from TGS

Square Enix has been hosting various presentations throughout TGS for its many upcoming releases. As part of those presentations, a number of the RPGs on show received substantial amounts of gameplay footage.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Hits Japan in December

Square Enix has revealed the Japanese release date for Dragon Quest Builders 2. The company also released the game’s opening, which comes in two versions depicting the male and female protagonists.

Dragon Quest XI Shows Its Loyal Companions

A new Dragon Quest title is just a month away from releasing in North America and Europe. Square Enix released a new trailer and screenshots focusing on the party members that will be with players on their journey.

Dragon Quest XI Puts Together a Long Demo

Need to see a full playthrough of Dragon Quest XI’s E3 demo? Square Enix has put its entire presentation in one place with both an extended gameplay look and a talk with the developers.

Dragon Quest X All-in-One Pack Hits Japan in July

Japanese RPGamers looking to get into Dragon Quest X will soon be able to pick up a single package containing the game and all of its expansions. Naturally, there is still nothing to indicate that the game may ever come west.

More Dragon Quest Builders 2 Details Revealed

More details have come out for the second Dragon Quest Builders game. The information includes some more concrete connections to Dragon Quest II, and some gameplay enhancements over its predecessor.