Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Details Online Modes

Square Enix released new details and screenshots for Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. The update covers the game’s online modes and features. Players can access the game’s online modes by speaking to Fizzy in the Rosehill Tower, who will also let players purchase DLC. There are three main online modes: Online Battles, Quickfire Contests, and the Online Shop.

Online Battles come in several different categories. Ranked Matches sees players compete against others to try and rise through the ranks, obtaining rare accessories and other items that make their monsters stronger in the process. Meanwhile, Friend Matches lets players participate in battles against registered friends. Finally, Multiplayer Tournaments allows up to eight players face off in a knockout tournament.



Quickfire Contests utilise players’ registered party data for quick tournaments. Up to 30 players’ data is used for tournament, which is conducted automatically and immediately. Players can earn rewards from a Quickfire Contest once per day, with rewards including items that raise monster stats and identical monsters (B Rank and below) from any teams players defeat during it. After a Contest players can view each battle result and use opponents’ party data for practice Sparring Matches.

Finally, the Online Shop renews its stock each real-life day, with more items also becoming available as players progress through the story. Items can be purchased with in-game gold and include Talent scrolls, powerful accessories, and more.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince follows Psaro, the eponymous cursed prince, and his companion Rose in the world of Nadiria. Psaro is cursed by his father, and the curse stops him from harming monsters. Looking for revenge, he becomes a Monster Wrangler, recruiting and fighting with monsters to build up his own loyal army. Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince is planned to release on Nintendo Switch on December 1, 2023.



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