Destiny Connect Out in Japan, New Details and Screenshots Provided

Nippon Ichi Software’s time-traveling RPG Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers is out now for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan. To go with the game’s release, Nippon Ichi updated the game’s official website with more screenshots and details on the title’s story and gameplay.

Destiny Connect begins in the town of Clocknee at the end of 1999 as it celebrates the new millennium. However, as the new year arrives, time appears to stop, freezing all of the townspeople in place except for Sherry, her friend Pegreo, and scientist Dr. Cheatstein. The scientist theorises that the root cause lies in the past, which causes Sherry to use her father’s time-traveling robot Isaac to head back into the past. However, the task is complicated by other robots that look to prevent Sherry and her allies from achieving their goal.

Destiny Connect’s combat is turn-based with the party facing off against their robotic foes. The human characters in the party can each equip two amps, which boost their attack, defence, recovery, accuracy, or HP. Amps can be purchased from stores, with more powerful amps becoming available as the game progresses, which players can use to either mitigate character weaknesses or boost strengths. Each character also has access to various skills, which can be leveled up using Skill Solvents that are dropped by enemies.

As a robot, Isaac has some different combat options. The biggest of these is the ability to change between forms, of which five have been revealed. His standard Guardian form acts as a tank, protecting allies but being poor at avoiding enemy attacks. His Rescue form makes him look like a firefighter and lets him act as a healer. His Outlaw form, which gives Isaac a Wild West-style appearance, gives him high-accuracy revolvers. His Champion form lets him use powerful attacks and utilise a high evasion, but at the cost of reducing his defensive power. Finally, his Bushido form has low accuracy and low defence, but makes up for it by having easily the strongest attack power of all and including a skill that lets all party members attack twice in a turn. There is also a more balanced sixth form that can be unlocked by acquiring certain items during the game.

In addition to its Japanese release, NIS America recently announced that Destiny Connect is coming to North America and Europe. The game will be released for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in fall 2019, with a Limited Edition available to pre-order from NIS America’s online stores in North America and Europe.



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