Dragon Quest Builders PC Release Announced

Square Enix announced PC (via Steam) release for Dragon Quest Builders. The game that combines block-building and action RPG will be available on February 13, 2024. The title originally released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in 2015, with an international release and worldwide Nintendo Switch and mobile ports following. The incoming PC port will include all the additional content of the previous versions, even the features and DLC exclusive to iOS and Android, at no additional cost.

The upgraded crafting features that were exclusive to the 2022 mobile devices release are:

  • Using mouse-clicks to build and destroy structures.
  • An Undo Button.
  • The “Big Bash” feature from Dragon Quest Builders 2 that destroys objects within a certain range.
  • Collectible items such as NPC and monster figures.
  • Pixel collection, used for various items exclusive to its Terra Incognita content.
  • Ability to add buildings into Build Cards to share with friends.

Also exclusive to the 2022 mobile devices release, the DLC content related to Terra Icognita (a story-free mode where players can build to their heart’s content) includes:

  • Boss Monster Model Set: a set of 20 cosmetic giant posable monster figures.
  • Astronomy Set: a set of 10 stars and planets to place in the night sky as part of the landscape.
  • Pixel Ring: equipping this accessory increases the pixels earned upon defeating enemies in Terra Incognita.
  • Magic Carpet: a flying carpet the player can ride on, with special music played during its use.

Players who purchased Dragon Quest Builders 2 on Steam can acquire Dragon Quest Builders at a discounted price. Pre-orders for the standalone game and a Dragon Quest Builders + Dragon Quest Builders 2 bundle are currently available.

The story of Dragon Quest Builders takes place in Alefgard, the world of the first Dragon Quest. In this alternate storyline, the hero fails to defeat the evil Dragonlord allowing the latter to take over the world and rob its inhabitants from the power to build. The player assumes the role of a legendary builder awakened by a goddess years after the disaster. The builder, who retained the capacity to create new things from raw materials, is tasked with rebuilding the world but will need to fight the minions of Dragonlord to do so. Charalampos Papadimitriou’s review of the game’s PlayStation 4 version is available here.



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