Kickstarter Check-In: Eternal Radiance

Visualnoveler has returned to Kickstarter once more with a crowdfunding campaign for Eternal Radiance. The game previously underwent two unsuccessful campaigns under its original moniker Destiny Chronicles, with the developer reducing the scope of its development to give this latest campaign a better chance of succeeding.

Eternal Radiance is an action RPG that follows a squire named Celeste in the Ashen Order, a centuries-old group that protects the people of Darencia. As part of her trial to become a full knight, she is tasked with retrieving an artifact from the port of Ancora. Unfortunately, the artifact is stolen with the chase taking Celeste and her allies — the mercenary Valana and the researcher mage Ruby — across the continent as a wider plot unfurls.

Combat in Eternal Radiance takes place on the field as players explore, with Celeste able to use melee attacks, special abilities, and magic. The game features a “skillshot” system that bestows bonuses should players react to enemy attacks with the correct timing. For example, performing a roll as an attack is about to hit temporarily grants faster movement and a special dash ability, while guarding as an attack hits unleashes a counter attack and a 100% critical hit chance for Celeste’s next few attacks. In addition to the player-controlled Celeste, Valana and Ruby will act as AI-controlled party members, with player able to adjust their AI settings to suit their needs.

The campaign has already achieved its S$27,500 goal and is set to run until March 14, 2019. Eternal Radiance is being developed for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, with an initial planned release date of late 2019. Those who pledge at least S$27 (around US$20) will receive a digital copy of the game as part of their backer rewards. A one-to-two-hour demo is available to download from the game’s Kickstarter campaign page.




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