Ni no Kuni II DLC Launches This Week

Those looking to expand their Ni no Kuni II experience won’t have to wait much longer. Bandai Namco has announced the release date of the game’s first piece of DLC, The Lost Lord, is this week. The Lost Lord introduces a new villain, the Prince of Wraiths, who resides in the deadly Labyrinth and is intent on destroying King Robert’s kingdom. Furthermore, new weapons, enemies, and side quests revealing the backstories of some main characters await players taking on the challenge. The game’s combat system is also being expanded, via the addition of the Martial Methods’ two new fighting styles: Gizmo Supremo allows access to high-tech gadgets to influence the flow of battle, and Ding Dong Discipline is inspired by the fiercest warriors the sleepy little kingdom has known.

An additional free update includes a level-cap increase to level 120 for party members and several other minor fixes and adjustments. The Lost Lord is available starting on December 13, 2018, as a free purchase for Season Pass holders or as a separate purchase. Ni no Kuni II is available on PlayStation 4 and PC, and readers can check out Charalampos Papadimitriou’s game review here.


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