Conception Plus Details New Character Arfie

Spike Chunsoft has released new details and media for its upcoming title Conception Plus: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure!. Headlining the update are details concerning Arfie, a new character added to the game who originally appeared in the anime adaptation. One of the Star Maidens, Arfie looks after the Star Children in the day care and is herself a Star Child created thirty years earlier, who was a test subject in a project to transform a Star Child into a Star Maiden.

In addition to ceremonies where main character Arata partners with a Star Maiden to produce Star children, there are also double ceremonies involving Arata and two Star Maidens. These require Arata’s relationships with the Star Maidens and the Star Maidens’ power to reach a sufficient level before they can be done, however. The advantage of double ceremonies is that the Star Children produced inherit the higher stats from both Star Maidens, making them more powerful.

Star Children has a maximum level and so players will need to replace them with those with a higher potential. However, players can still use them in different roles. Star Children can be made independent, which will allow them to go out and do various tasks such as opening new facilities in town to help players and supply them with items.

Conception Plus is a remaster of the Japan-only title released for PlayStation Portable in 2012, which received a sequel — Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars — that was released in North America and Europe. Conception Plus will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 31, 2019.





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