Conception Plus Adds New Character, Gameplay Details Provided

Spike Chunsoft has provided more information and images for its upcoming title Conception Plus: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure!. The first piece of information is the reveal of a new character added to the game. Arfie is a character who first appeared in the Conception TV anime, and works as an instructor for the series’ Star Children.

Conception Plus requires that the protagonist Itsuki go out and purify the Stardust Labyrinth, which is where the impurities covering the world of Granvania are sealed. The Stardust Labyrinth is split into four distinct sub-labyrinths, each based on a particular season. Within these labyrinths can be found the twelve Star Seals, which once acted to purge impurities, but have been corrupted into impure gods themselves. Itsuki must defeat them before new seals can be activated to take their place.

For his ventures into the labyrinth, Itsuki calls upon the powers of the Star Children, beings created between Itsuki and the twelve Star Maidens. These Star Children act as soldiers and are created with the power to fight the impure beings in the labyrinth. Star Children can be assigned various classes based on their attributes, which in turn are based on the relationship between Itsuki and the respective Star Maiden. In the labyrinth, Star Children are assigned in three groups of up to four members, leading to a total of twelve who fight alongside Itsuki at any one time. The groups can attack enemies from each of the four sides, with enemies being weak to attacks from certain directions.

Conception Plus is a remaster of the Japan-only title released for PlayStation Portable in 2012, which received a sequel — Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars — that was released in North America and Europe. Conception Plus will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan this winter.



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