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Conception Plus Launch Trailer Released

With Conception Plus launching in North America on Tuesday, Spike Chunsoft released a launch trailer for the game. It’s almost time for God’s Gift to get to work producing Star Children.

Conception Plus Opening Released

PlayStation 4 digital pre-orders are now open in North America for Conception Plus ahead of the game’s launch next month. To mark the occasion, Spike Chunsoft released the game’s opening movie.

Conception Plus Gets Release Date

Conception Plus is set to release on January 31, 2019, for the PlayStation 4 in Japan. Pre-ordering the physical edition will nab players a 28-track CD that features music from the game.

Conception Plus Premise, Screenshots Revealed

Spike Chunsoft has provided some details and images for its remaster of the first Conception game. In the update we are introduced to the main protagonist, who needs to get busy making Star Children.

Conception Plus Receives Debut Trailer

Shortly after the game’s reveal, Spike Chunsoft has released the first trailer for Conception Plus. Time will tell if the remaster provides an opportunity for western RPGamers to receive a release.