Spike Chunsoft Provides More Conception Plus Details

Spike Chunsoft has released more information and screenshots for its upcoming title Conception Plus: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure!. The update provides details on how players interact with the game’s heroines, some combat elements, and some changes made to one of the heroines from the original version of the game.

Conception Plus requires that the protagonist Itsuki go out and purify the Stardust Labyrinth, which is where the impurities covering the world of Granvania are sealed. For his ventures into the labyrinth, Itsuki calls upon the powers of the Star Children, beings created between Itsuki and the twelve Star Maidens. The Star Children’s powers are affect by Itsuki relationships with the Star Maidens. Itsuki will have numerous chances to converse with the Star Maidens, with his responses affecting the relationship. Certain conversations will lead to potential responses where Itsuki can touch part of the Star Maiden’s body.

When fighting against the impure creatures infesting the world, players will have the chance to chain attacks together. By managing to attack consecutively, a chain can be activated, which significantly delays the turn of that enemy. Attacking the affected enemy while the chain is active provides a combo multiplier, with additional experience points granted as well. A more powerful overchain can affect all enemies in a battle instead of just one.

Finally, Mahiru Konatsuki, Itsuki’s cousin who is transported with him to the world of Gravania where the game is set, has received some changes to how she initially behaved in the original PSP game. Previously more ill-tempered toward Itsuki, in Conception Plus Mahiru is now more friendly and demure.

Conception Plus is a remaster of the Japan-only title released for PlayStation Portable in 2012, which received a sequel — Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars — that was released in North America and Europe. Conception Plus will be released for PlayStation 4 in Japan on January 31, 2019. No announcement has been made regarding a potential western release.


Source: Gematsu


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