New Game Plus Added to Moonlighter

The PC version of Moonlighter is receiving a substantial amount of new features that will be free for anyone who has already purchased the game. In a Steam update, developer Digital Sun Games and publisher 11 bit studios released a change log that emphasizes that the game will have a New Game Plus mode added. The mode adds additional challenges as the enemies and bosses get an increase in difficulty. The notes also mention that a new weapon set and mysterious Amulet artifacts will be included, exclusive to New Game Plus mode. Due to player demand, the game will also incorporate additional save slots.

Besides the additions mentioned above, the change log lists general fixes to bugs and other performance enhancements:

General Fixes:

  • Updated and improved translations
  • Credits screen no longer gets corrupted upon skipping
  • Controls are now displayed correctly on the tutorial scrolls and HUD buttons
  • In-game UI no longer can be displayed in main menu
  • Names of the DLC weapons are now displaying correctly
Dungeon Fixes:
  • Big red slime should no longer push character through walls
  • Fixed “fake floor” in some specific rooms
  • No longer possible to access inventory during Forest Boss fight
  • Fixed opening animation of forest dungeon doors
  • Helmets no longer pierce through slimes
  • Fixed issue where Hot Springs did not stop glowing when they were inactive
  • No longer possible to interact with empty slots at the Blacksmith
  • Fixed infinite loading screen upon returning to forest dungeon via portal
  • Bard puppet can no longer make other enemies invulnerable to damage

With the developers paying attention to fan criticism, Moonlighter looks to have sustained support planned all the way into 2019. While these updates are confirmed for the PC version of Moonlighter, the game is also currently available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There has been no mention if these updates are heading to the console versions. A Switch version will also release in November.

Source: Steam


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